The 6 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia 2017

Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia

When you have a specific injury or condition of the feet, shopping for shoes can be difficult. People who suffer from metatarsalgia understand this difficulty. In order to help those that suffer from metatarsalgia, we have put together a list of the six best shoes for metatarsalgia. This list of shoes offers relief from the pain caused by metatarsalgia and they also are stylish, so you do not have to give up your sense of style in order to deal with the pain.

The six suggestions on this page are a combination of shoes for both men and women. They also offer a mix of formal and athletic shoes to help you find shoes that will meet all of your needs while providing comfort for your metatarsalgia.

What is Metatarsalgia?

Before trying to find the right shoes for metatarsalgia, it is important that you understand what the condition is as well as what could be causing it. To put it simply, metatarsalgia is a condition that can lead to pain in the balls of the feet. To avoid this it is essential to always have the best shoes for metatarsalgia available.

Causes of Metatarsalgia

metatarsal photo
Photo by Jenna Nevins The metatarsal bones.

There are many things that can cause metatarsalgia. The most common reason for this ailment is repetitive stress on the balls of the feet. People who walk on concrete flooring all day or those who are on their feet for long periods of time are typically the people who will suffer the most from this condition. Metatarsalgia is caused by the balls of the heels repeatedly hitting the ground.

One of the other factors that lead to metatarsalgia comes from the shoes that a person wears. Shoes that do not offer proper arch support, or if you wear shoes that are too narrow or you run in shoes that do not have a lot of support, can all be causes of metatarsalgia.

Getting a proper diagnosis from a podiatrist will help you find out the reason you are suffering from this condition. If you do not address this issue properly, the pain can become chronic. There are specialized exercises that your doctor can help you with to help keep your feet in good shape and alleviate some of the pain.

If you are suffering from metatarsalgia, getting the proper shoes is extremely important. Here you will find 6 pairs of shoes that can help you deal with your condition.

Top 3 Men’s Shoes for Metatarsalgia

For men that suffer from metatarsalgia, here are the top 3 pairs of shoes to consider purchasing to help you deal with this condition.

Drew Shoe Lightning II

For men that need a proper walking shoe, the Drew Shoes offer a stylish Oxford that is a quality choice. Since you will likely need to wear personalized inserts or orthotics with any shoe that you purchase, the Drew Shoe Lightning offers you plenty of room as the insole can be removed if you need extra room.

The shoe has a broad toe and wide shank that make this the perfect pair of shoes for those who suffer from metatarsalgia and have wider feet.

The Drew Shoe Lightning II comes in 6 colors, making it easy to choose one that works for you and reflects your personal style.

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MBT Ajabu Oxford

One of the things that make the MBT Ajabu shoes unique is the barefoot principle that is used in the design. The shoe offers a curved sole that creates a soft foundation for walking in. This feeling is similar to the sensation that you have when you walk barefoot on a surface that is soft and spongy.

The sensation of walking on a spongy surface will create a natural instability when you are walking. This will activate specific muscles in order to help you remain stable. These muscles working will improve your overall gait and force you to have better posture. Additionally, you will be doing a mini workout while you are walking. All of this will help with many foot issues that you may be experiencing, including metatarsalgia.

These shoes may look a bit strange because they have an irregular shape. However, once you put them on your feet you will immediately see a huge difference in how you walk and how your feet feel.

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Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker shoes for men are a wonderful option for putting less pressure on your feet. The shoes have excellent shock absorption, taking the pressure off of your feet and placing it into the shoe.

The midsole of the shoe is made from MoGo, which is an energy returning polymer. This is more durable than any other midsole material, but is still flexible and soft. Sufferers of metatarsalgia do not need a shoe that is stiff. The Brooks Addiction Walker supply a comfortable base for your feet to rest.

The shoes have a slip resistant outsole that can help keep you steady on any type of slippery surface. They are also helpful for anyone who has low arches.

The Brooks Addiction Walkers are stylish enough to wear in a casual environment as well as a work environment all while being functional enough to help those who suffer from constant pain caused by metatarsalgia. They are available in three different colors, making them a good choice for anyone.

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Top 3 Women’s Shoes for Metatarsalgia

OESH Women’s La Vida v2.0

The OESH Women’s La Vida 2.0 are newly designed shoes just for women. These shoes were designed by a woman scientist/engineer who has an MD from Harvard.

The La Vida has a wide and spacious forefoot that allows for natural foot movement in order to maximize the health and strength of the foot. These shoes were developed based on medical science and offer help for those that suffer from metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, morton’s neuroma, as well as other types of foot pain.

The OESH sole responds to the body and weight the instant physiological vulnerability occurs. The perfectly flat interior will easily accommodate orthotics for all foot types. There are several colors from which to choose, making these a stylish choice for women who suffer from any kind of foot pain.

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MBT’s Mila Walking Shoe

The walking shoe from Mila is the perfect choice in comfort and style for women. The upper is made from leather and features mesh ventilation panels. The lining is made from a moisture wicking microfiber. The Masai sensor makes it feel like you are walking barefoot on a beach.

MBT shoes have an innovative design that is good for the entire body. These shoes provided a curved sole with a multi-layer that provides a great walking experience. The key to these shoes is the patented sole structure. The midsole provides a soft surface that creates an instability under the foot, which will activate the supporting muscle systems, which has a positive effect on the entire body.

Wearing these shoes can also help with back, leg, and hip pain in addition to your foot pain.

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Drew Shoes Rose Mary Janes

If you are looking for a pair of dress shoes that will look great and also help with your metatarsalgia, look no further than the rose mary janes from Drew Shoes. These shoes offer comfort and style.

The Drew Shoes rose Mary Janes have the proprietary plus fitting system. They have 2 removable insoles that provide a double depth. Since they are removable it makes it easy to add your own orthotics as well.

The shoes have a leather upper that is durable. They fasten using a hook and loop strap that keeps them tight on your foot at all times. In addition, the molded sole will provide both traction and cushioning, which makes it the perfect choice if you have to be on your feet for a long time.

These mary janes are perfect for the work day or a night out as they are stylish and dressy, all while providing the comfort and support that you need to help with any metatarsalgia pain you may be experiencing.

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Wearing Additional Foot Pads or Insoles

In addition to choosing the right footwear, you can further help to alleviate any pain caused by metatarsalgia by adding footpads or inserts to some shoes. These additional insoles can help provide the extra arch support that you may need in order to alleviate the pressure that is causing you to have foot pain.

Be sure to check out our lists of the best of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis and for flat feet. These orthotics are also perfect for metatarsalgia pain.


If you suffer from metatarsalgia it is very important to find the right shoe to help alleviate the pain from it. You should first visit your podiatrist to see if you can learn more about the underlying cause of your metatarsalgia. Once you know what is causing your pain, you will need to then look for a pair of quality shoes to help alleviate some of your symptoms.

The six pairs of shoes listed above are a good place to start. There is something for everyone in the list above and all of the shoes will help with metatarsalgia.

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