The Benefits Of Sprinting Workouts

Exercising can provide a range of benefits. Having a routine can get you up and out in the morning, leaving you feeling fantastic after time spent in the gym. Lifting weights can help to create the physique you want, while aiding in fat loss. A greater level of flexibility and strength will make everything else in life easier as you take care of your body.

For many, exercising involves heading out to the gym and doing a routine. However, anything done enough times can quickly become boring. Sometimes, the best thing for you can be a change in routine and trying something new. Sprinting workouts can provide a new form of exercise you can do anywhere while at the same time improving your strength, endurance, and muscles.

Let’s take a moment to review the benefits of sprinting workouts. In addition to covering why they are great for you, we will also go through various exercises you can do to help get started and feel out your intensity level. With that out of the way, let’s begin!

The Benefits Of Sprint Workouts

Take a moment to look at Olympic sprinters and long distance runners. See any differences? While the long distance runners will be thinner and less bulky, the sprinters will be covered in muscle. This is because when you do sprinting workouts, you are turning an endurance activity into a strength building activity. An anaerobic process, sprint workouts will help build muscles throughout your body. You can expect legs and glutes to be in better shape. In addition, expect an incredible abs exercise as raising your legs to sprint uses those muscles far better than sit ups.

Sprint workouts help to build lean muscle mass. The muscle requires more energy, burns more calories, and increases the amount you can eat without gaining weight. It is also great for increasing your metabolism. Studies have shown that this form of strength training improves your metabolism over time, making you better at processing food for nutrients while also increasing the amount of what you eat. If nothing else, sprint workouts are fantastic for burning fat rapidly. Be aware however that sprinting workouts may not be for everyone and require special preparation to keep in away from injury.

Warm Up

A warm up and cool down routine are crucial to sprint workouts. A warm up routine, involving moving your legs around can be done pretty much anywhere. After several minutes of loosening things up, go for a jog of around 5-10 minutes. This will help loosen your legs up even more, reducing the risk of injury even further. Sprinting workouts require existing muscle to be healthy and injury free during a workout. If you are just beginning to get into shape, then consider running instead of sprinting, and gradually working your way up in difficulty over time. Take your time. Typically, people are most often injured at the beginning, when they are still getting used to what is involved when it comes to sprinting. Again, take your time and work gradually into it.


The great thing about sprinting workouts is that they can be easily added to your existing routine. Sprint workouts can be done indoors on treadmills and tracked very carefully in terms of speed and duration. The treadmill also allows you to start slow to warm up, go fast for the workout, and then cool down at the end. If you already walk, jog, or run, then sprinting workouts can added into your existing routine. In fact, many runners do this to improve their pace times for things like half and full marathons. Simply set aside a quarter or a fifth of the time you would be running to increase to a faster speed and track your pace. Hold this for a minute or two before returning back to your regular running pace. In addition, you can opt to spend something like a tenth of your time with sprinting workouts in your run, and go all out.

If you have no idea where to start, then begin with sprinting at 50% of what you believe is your maximum speed. Do this for a 100-meter distance, and then walk back to where you started. Repeat 6 to 10 times. Make sure that when you walk back to the start that you are not fatigued. If you are, then wait a minute or two until you feel ready to sprint again. By the time you are done, it should feel like you’ve just got done doing a leg press workout. You will be exhausted, and your body will be better for it.

Whether you are aware of it or not, sprinting workouts will increase your agility, speed, and conditioning for every activity you do. You will create the lean muscle mass you are looking for and have a look that is both healthy and well proportioned. An excellent mix of mass building strength training and endurance, it is no wonder that sprinting workouts come so highly recommended.

Cool Down

Your cool down routine should be similar to the warm up and allow your body some time to recover and loosen up before you stop entirely. A cool down routine is especially important if you are doing a more complex workout and plan to use your legs again before resting.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Sprinting workouts do a range of good. They help to build muscle mass in your legs, glutes, and abs. They help to increase your metabolic rate with more lean muscle mass, allowing you to eat more and have a more efficient body overall. For any person looking to tone up and get lean, sprinting workouts can provide a world of good. That being said, be sure to handle them carefully. Especially if you are new to sprinting workouts, you will want to make sure you ease your body into it. Injury is far too common with those who do not take the proper precautions and it can hold you back for weeks or months.

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