Foot Care Facts – Run Survey #1

This week’s Run Survey takes a look at how much we spend for our beloved hobby, running! Let’s get to it!

Question 1: How much do you spend annually on running shoes?

The answers ranged from $50 – $1,000 (wow!). Average amount: $266.00
Question 2: How many pair of running shoes do you own?

The answers ranged from 1 to 9, with lots of discussion of rotating shoes based on mileage. The average, and the most common response, was 3 pair.

Question 3: How much do you spend annually on running clothes?

Answers ranged from 0 to $600. Some responders commented that they receive lot of items as presents. One commented that they are spending more this year because they are new to running.

The average amount was $211.

Question 4: How much do you spend annually on running gear?

Answers here ranged from $0 to $700. Again, gifts of gear played a role in reducing the the amount of money spent on gear.

The average amount spent on gear was $144.

Question 5: How much do you spend annually for race registrations?

Wide variations on this response: From $0 to $1,500.

Average response was $391.

Question 6: Do you travel for “destination” races? If yes, estimate your travel expenses.

Overall, only 40% of the responders attended destination races. The amount spent on destination race travel ranged from $75 to $5,000.

The average of the responses was $1,477.

One responder noted that his Disney destination race (on the bucket list for many of us!) costs were about $5,000.

Question 7: Do you have a monthly budget dedicated to running?

Of the responders, only 12% have a routine monthly budget for running.

One mentioned that it was $100 per month. Another mentioned that 10% of their income is automatically deducted to a special account for running (I like this!). One reported that answering the survey questions made them think that they should.

Question 8: Can you recommend any good resources for making the most of your running dollar?

– I only buy discounted clothes at Sport Authority, Target or JCPenney.

– Target, Kohl’s and Walmart are my go-to cheapsters for athletic apparel.

– Under Armour and Reebok at Hershey Outlet in Hershey PA, I don’t get to excited about getting apparel from traditional running brands like Brooks, Nike, etc. Reebok’s just a little less expensive with 40% off offers a couple times a year and Under Armour offers a lot of compression gear for less than “running” brands as well.

– Nike Clearence Outlet, Target

– I prefer Nike tights, but for shirts, Target sells C9 compression gear, which is every bit as good as Under Armor or Nike Pro Combat.

– Brazos Running Company (local running store).

– If you have a running club near you that is connected to a store with a discount, take advantage of it.


– Rotate running shoes, run on a treadmill once in awhile, rotate socks, don’t wash sports bras until after 2-3 wears (unless it’s summer; no stink, please!). [ha ha!]

– Marshall’s! The racks are inconsistent, so get it if you find something you like, but you can find great brands and high–end gear for less. I just purchased a pair of Nike cold weather running pants for $30 that retail for $65, and even that’s more than I would normally spend. My other go–to store is Target. I often start there if I’m needing fit apparel.


– I stand by roadrunner

– I like Academy and Target

– Second sole is great. is a great online source.

– Ross and Target are the places I go for deals!

– Marshalls and New Balance for bargains. LLBean for the quality and returnability, you can return anything, anytime, no questions asked. I usually purchase my winter running apparel from LLBean.

– Thrift stores are the most underutilized place for running/workout gear. I often find brand name items for fractions of retail prices (this week I found a pair of UnderArmour shorts with the tags still on them for $8). [Wahoo! You are singing my song!]

– Last chance on

– Target for technical clothes

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