How to get rid of stinky feet

Today I’ll be talking to you about how to deal with a sensitive subject like stinky feet, smelly feet, bad odor in your shoes. Usually, what this comes from is increased perspiration when your feet sweat a lot, if your shoes get very wet, or if your socks feel damp at the end of the day or in the middle of the day. This promotes increased fungal growth and increased bacteria growth. When those two things grow, they give off the odor inside of your shoes and on your feet as well.

How to treat stinky feet

A simple way to deal with this problem is to decrease the amount of sweating from your feet. Usually what I recommend is antiperspirant sprays. You need to make sure it’s actually antiperspirant and not just deodorant. The same ones you would use on your armpit, using them on your feet, using powder sprays, different powders inside your socks, inside your shoes. You can find them in most pharmacies in the foot section.

You can also use an ultraviolet light, something called a SteriShoe, to put inside shoe. This will kill odor by killing the bacteria and the fungus inside of the shoes. Other things to kill, things inside the shoe, would be something like Lysol spray. You have to make sure to let your shoes fully dry before putting them on. Also, I recommend that if you wear a pair of shoes today, give them a full 24 hours to dry before wearing them tomorrow. Changing socks throughout the day will also help decrease perspiration in your feet.

There are prescription medications that can be used on your feet to decrease sweating as well, which, again, will cut down on the fungal growth. Fungus loves growing in a dark, warm, moist environment like inside of your shoe. If you change one of those things, then the amount of fungus and bacteria growth will go down and the smell will improve.

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