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Nerve pain, also known as neuralgia, can be the caused by many different factors. The nervous system is responsible for everything our body feels, sees, tastes, and the way we move and breathe. Our main part of the central nervous system is located in the spine. The nerves work like an electrical system, sending and receiving messages to and from our brain.

Nerve pain and damage can be mild to severe. Pain is our body’s way of telling us there is something wrong. A damaged system doesn’t work properly, and in most cases, not at all. A damaged nerve can produce a wide degree of pain, which can be anywhere from a slight tingling sensation to an intense burning sensation. A damaged nerve can send out a false sense of pain, resulting in real pain, or nothing at all, even if you are not actually hurt.

The cause of fibromyalgia nerve pain is actually unknown. People who have fibromyalgia may have a higher level of a nerve chemical signal. Those who suffer with fibromyalgia have wide spread pain and fatigue. Normal lab tests cannot diagnose fibromyalgia nerve pain. A doctor performs a physical exam using pressure points of muscles throughout the body. There are 18 points on the body where pressure is applied. You must experience pain in 11 or more of these trigger points.

A nerve disorder caused by diabetes is known as diabetic Neuropathy. Close to 70 percent of those who are diabetic suffer from nerve pain. It is believed that the neuropathy is caused by high glucose levels in the body. A diabetic usually experiences some sort of pain from the nerves in the hands, feet, legs, or arms. A person who has diabetes can develop neuropathy at any time, especially if they have had diabetes for a long time. And the older you are, the more likely you are to develop neuropathy. Diabetic nerve pain treatment can be managed with the controlling of your blood glucose levels. In conjunction with a healthy diet, proper exercise regimen, and medication diabetic neuropathy can be controlled. A very important factor in diabetic nerve pain treatment and prevention is to take care of your feet. Wear the appropriate fitting socks and shoes and check your feet daily so they are free from blisters, cuts, or sores.

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