So They Say All You Need Is Shoes

So, they say that all you need to start running is to have a pair of shoes? Have you heard that?

While it’s true that you don’t have to purchase a mountain bike or another piece of equipment to become a runner, I have found that it is a bit more involved than just having a good pair of shoes. Running can become a very expensive sport, I’ve found. However, I’ve discovered some tips to help you become a runner for less.

Friends, something you don’t know about me yet is that I’m an Olympic-class bargain shopper. I love the thrill of the hunt … for a bargain! Let’s get these tips going!

First Agenda Item: Tops

For inexpensive technical shirts with great wicking qualities, I’m a huge fan of the C9 by Champion Activewear at Target.

Above is the C9 By Champion Women’s Endurance Tee. I usually buy the sleeveless, V-neck version. The shirts come in a wide variety of female-pleasing colors. They wash well and hold their shape well. It’s a great all-around utility running shirt. It comes in a wide array of sizes from XS to XXL. Price: $12.99

Here’s where the bargain hunter in me comes out. If you watch the sales racks at Target, especially when the seasons change, you can find many pieces of C9 by Champion Activewear on the clearance rack for 30%, 50%, and sometimes as low as 70% off. Totally amazing!

I once bought a C9 running skirt on the clearance rack at Target to give it a try. It was $2.58. Turns out, I didn’t really like running in a skirt. I love my running capris. Oh well, no big deal. It only cost me $2.58 to figure that our. I would have been quite irritated if I spent more, and did not like the running skirt.

For the guys, Target also carries a wide array of fitness apparel (again, with the C9 by Champion brand).

I also have a great resource to recommend to follow the deals at Target. There are a few blogs that track this, but I think the best one by far is The author of this blog, Kerry, does a fantastic job of pulling together all of the bargains and anticipating/predicting when sales will be. She also has an army of loyal followers who report bargain sightings at different stores throughout the country.

Second Agenda Item: Bottoms

I’m a running capris kind of girl. I love my compression capris for running. If I could wear compression capris 24/7, I would do it. While I have seen running capris from C9 by Champion Activewear at Target, I never felt like I was able to get them at the bargain-basement type of price I wanted.

I have, however, found them easily at Academy. Academy is a large sporting goods retailer in the Southern US. They have a store brand called BCG. I have no idea what that stands for … but maybe I’ll need to find out.

The running capris I wear are the BCG Running Capris from Academy. They run about $16.99. However, just like Target, if I check routinely, I can usually find something on the clearance rack for $9.99 or $7.99.

My capris have been through a lot, but they’ve held up very well!

Third Agenda Item: Socks

Unless you are a barefoot runner, you need socks, right? Academy to the rescue! But wait – I’m not buying the socks off the rack at Academy.

Apparently, at Academy, there are shoppers who pull apart perfectly good packages of sets of socks. I’m not sure why or what exactly they do with them. As a result, though, Academy has a big bucket in the back of very nice running socks for 99 cents each.

This is perfect for me. I haven’t narrowed my preferences down to one particular kind of socks. I want to try out different socks until I find what I like. So, I can buy a pair for 99 cents (yes, 99 cents!) and give them a try. If I like them, then I go back and buy more.

Running Items To Invest In

Despite these great bargains, there are two items that I strongly advise against skimping on.

First, your running shoes. I have always known that running shoes are pretty expensive – being married to a runner for so long dulls me to the sticker shock, I guess! Go to your local running store and get properly fitted for an excellent quality pair of running shoes. If you don’t have a running store in your town, get in your car and drive to one in the closest town. Seriously, it is that important.

We all have different brands we like. I’m a Mizuno Girl personally. And pink, if you have it – because that’s my signature running color.

Recently the running gods were smiling upon me, and I won a pair of Mizunos from another blog’s giveaway. Yahoo! I’ll review those as soon as I take them out for a spin. But I’m such a fan, I’m sure I’ll love them!

The second item – for the ladies – is your sports bra. You simply cannot skimp on this item. Read my post from earlier this week on my favorite sports bra, the Enell Sports Bra.

Do you have favorite bargains for running apparel? Share your sources with the rest of us in the comments section!

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