What Shoes Are Right for My Child?

how to chose child shoes

Starting Off Your Child with Healthy Feet

When searching for the appropriate shoes for your child, comfort, durability and support are some of most important features the shoes must have. But there are also things that go beyond finding a simple pair of shoes. After all, your child can’t go shoe-less forever!

Here are 3 questions to ask when looking for shoes for your child:

How does the shoe fit?
How is the show made?
Is the shoe suitable for my child’s age?

How does the shoe fit?

You must consider every possible way that a shoe can fit. This includes the length, the width, the structure, etc. Fit is very important for your child’s feet. If you choose an ill-fitting shoe, it can cause foot problems that will develop into their adult life. Bunions, in-grown toenails and calluses are just a few of the many problems that can arise from ill-fitted shoes. Since children are constantly growing, it will be wise to buy them new shoes every 3-4 months. This will ensure that their shoes are keeping up with their growing feet. Another important thing to remember is that your child’s shoes do not need to be broken in. If the shoe does not fit well on the first try, there is a good chance it never will. It is best to get a shoe that fits well from the start.

How is the shoe made?

Shoes are generally made up for 4 parts: the upper, the insole, the outer sole and the heel. Since children are almost always active, you will want them to have a shoe with a strong and supportive upper portion. However, it will need to be made from a breathable fabric to prevent their feet from excessive sweating. Leather and canvas are 2 materials that are sturdy and breathable. Also, make sure the insole is not only breathable, but absorbent. Please stay away from plastic shoes, especially at a young age. As for the outer sole of the shoe, it needs to be flexible and offer adequate traction. They should fit in a way that will not make your child prone to slips and trips. Of course, your child is not ready for heels; stick with shoes that have a flat sole. As your child develops more and becomes older, the use of arch supports will become necessary.

Is the shoe suitable for my child’s age?

If your child has yet to begin walking, they really do not need shoes. Socks and footsies are basically all that are needed, especially when they are indoors. If your child is a toddler, give them shoes that are very lightweight and breathable. It also helps if the upper portion is tall to give your toddler more balance as they are learning to walk. Stores offer a wide assortment of all types of different shoes for your school-aged child. Tennis shoes, hiking boots and even sandals are just a few of many.

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