The Best Shoes for Toddlers

The Best Shoes for Toddlers

Toddler sneakers aren’t that expensive, and they look fantastic! They’re a lot cheaper than similar quality shoes for teens and young adults. Finding the best shoes for toddlers can be hard, but our list of shoes is here to save the day.

However, we have to begin with a word of warning. Too many parents think that just because your toddlers are so young that it doesn’t really matter what shoes you get them. Their friends won’t care, you say. They don’t care how they look, you think. You need to be thinking about a lot more than that. Retailers and manufacturers know that too many parents don’t think hard about their toddlers’ shoes, so they put out low-quality footwear and charge a little too much. Or, maybe they’re pretty affordable. Quality is important, however. The shoes have to be highly rated, tested by other parents and children, comfortable, easy to take on and off, useful on the street and on the field, and highly durable. You don’t want to be spending money every month on a new pair of shoes because they keep wearing out.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best shoes for toddlers (boys and girls). Just stick to this list if you’re thinking of purchasing shoes for your toddler.

Our list of the best shoes for toddlers:

Boys’ Toddler Shoes

Stride Rite SRT SM Mitchell Rubber Crib Shoe (Toddler)

This brown/orange shoe uses Velcro to make it easy on your little one. He doesn’t even need to know how to tie his shoes. It has rounded edges to cut down on stumbles and falls, deep grooves to sync with your child’s natural movements, and mesh linings for enhanced breathability and durability. The bottom line: These shoes are specially designed to be just perfect for your toddler!

Some of the other features include easy adjustability and a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Your toddler will have no problem taking these shoes on and off, and you will have no problem cleaning them. It is a win-win product.

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K-SWISS SI-18 Trainer 2 Dester Sneaker (Infant/Toddler)

These shoes with easy Velcro on/off adjustability and four color combinations are hard to pass up at such an affordable price. They come in charcoal/red/classic blue, red/black/cyber yellow, navy/classic blue/orange, and raspberry/lime punch. The raspberry/lime punch color combination is definitely eye-catching.

The K-SWISS brand is well known and well respected. Your child is sure to get plenty of compliments wearing these shoes. One customer review said that her “son loves the shoes and refuses to wear anything but these shoes.”

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PUMA Carson Runner V Kids Splat Sneaker (Infant/Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

These extremely stylish PUMA shoes are exactly what any athletic toddler needs. They come in a dashing, eye-catching salmon rose/white color combination. These shoes are designed for running and outdoor exercise. If your child likes to run around at the park or you’re trying to get him into soccer, these are some great shoes for that. Why not get him started running early in life and start him on the right foot (pun intended)?

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Geox BERNIE3 Sneaker (Little Kid/Big Kid)

These shoes are very sleek, svelte, and beautifully crafted. They come in a beautiful blue/lime or black/lime color combination. These shoes are designed for style. Just pair them with a pair of cool-looking jeans, a nice t-shirt, and your kid is ready to take off in style. Style isn’t the only thing these shoes have going for them, though. They have a durable TPR outsole for tough ground-gripping traction and a padded footbed for enhanced comfort and underfoot support. This is excellent everyday footwear.

This rubber-soled shoe is designed to let the foot breathe. The breathable lining maximizes air circulation and keeps your foot cool for outdoor activity out in the sun. The rubber sole lets the foot breathe while keeping it safe from outside moisture.

One customer said they held up better than the Nike, Sketchers, and Converse she’s bought her son in the past.

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DC Crisis Lowtop Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

These skate shoes are perfect for a kid that loves to bike, roller-blade, or skate. They come in black, black/ocean/white, blue/white, and grey/white/yellow. DC has always taken footwear to the next level, recognizing the fusion between skateboarding and high fashion. They have consistently delivered up uncompromising quality, comfort, durability, and beautiful design. DC is the most well-known shoe company for skateboarding footwear.

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OshKosh B’Gosh Hallux Sneaker


No toddler shoe list would be complete without a listing from OshKosh. OshKosh is a household word when it comes to household shoes. The OshKosh B’Gosh Hallux Sneaker comes in blue, blue/pink, grey, navy/burgundy, pink, and purple. Whether you’ve got a boy or a girl, there’s a shoe color for your little one.

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Carter’s Light-Up Fury Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid)

The Carter’s Light-Up Fury Sneaker is one of a kind. It certainly has a unique look, and the double Velcro on/off feature makes taking them on and off easy. They come in an array of cool colors. They come in grey/yellow, navy/orange, navy/pink/yellow, and pink/orange/silver.

These shoes have a very comfortable mesh athletic design, and the soles light up with every step you take. Your kid will love walking around in these shoes. Your kid will think exercise is fun when he puts on these shoes. Encourage him to start walking and running around more with these cool light-up shoes. He’ll love them! Carter’s was founded in 1865, and they’ve been creating clothing and footwear for children for a long, long time.

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Dream Pairs Boy’s Casual Strap Light Weight Slip On Casual Sneakers Shoes (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

These beautiful shoes come in khaki beige red, black grey, grey-red, brown-orange, black, navy-grey, and brown-orange. This ranks as one of the best shoes for toddlers available on the market at the moment.

These are casual shoes that your child will look good in at school, just hanging out, and at parties and other settings. These fantastic-looking casual shoes are one step above (pun intended) ordinary sneakers when it comes to fashion and aesthetics. Plus, they’re really comfortable. These casual shoes are lightweight and easy to walk around in. They offer maximum flexibility, and they have a soft, spongy interior that feels great on your feet. The rounded edges cut down on stumbles and falls.

If you want your child to look better than the other children at school, then these are the shoes to buy. They look way more expensive than they cost. They will make your child look much more fashionable, professional, and stylish.

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Girls’ Toddler Shoes

Polo Ralph Lauren Kids Dashh Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

This beautiful sneaker from Polo Ralph Lauren will have the rest of the kids on the playground jealous of your kid’s sense of style. These come in a beautiful grey and light purple combination that is sure to get attention. They are a little pricier at $54, but you are paying for the quality, style, and Ralph Lauren brand name. If your child has to wear the best footwear, you can’t do much better than the Dashh sneaker from Polo Ralph Lauren.

These shoes have the right price, design name, and stylish look. According to one customer review, “They fit great and look even better.”

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KEEN Monica CNX Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

KEEN makes some excellent footwear for men, women, and children. This pair of shoes is designed with style in mind. It comes in an array of colors. They come in gargoyle/camellia rose, dahlia mauve/lagoon, wineberry/lavender fog, and purple wine/very berry.

These are great shoes for walking, hiking, and running. You can wear them all day, and they’re very comfortable. They’ve got some great tread, too. Bad outdoor weather won’t slow your little one down.

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PUMA Future Cat Superlt Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

The PUMA Future Cat Superlt Sneaker is a sleek, svelte, well-crafted shoe. It has a cool black and magenta color combination and a unique design.

These shoes are good on the track and the street.

The PUMA brand is well known globally as a nexus of athleticism, lifestyle, and fashion. PUMA footwear, apparel, and accessories continues to impress in every department. If you want your little girl to have the coolest-looking footwear on the playground or the track, then this pair of shoes is just right. Get her started off right in sports with this pair.

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Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Baja PS Fashion Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid)


These double-Velcro enclosure shoes are perfect for your little athlete.

They come in an array of colors. Why don’t you ask your little girl which one she likes best? They come in navy/white, white/royal blue, magenta/white, white/dark green, and hyacinth violet/blue radiance.

Onitsuka is a company with a rich history. It all began in 1949 when Mr. Onitsuka started an athletic footwear company by making handmade basketball shoes out of his living room in the city of Kobe. He named his company “ASICS” in 1977. It is based on a Latin phrase meaning something akin to “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”. His notion was that the best way to create a happy lifestyle was to promote health and fitness. It’s probably a good idea to get your daughter a pair since starting her off with a healthy lifestyle is a wonderful gift to give her.

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Peaks Kid’s Skippy Low Canvas Sneaker

The Peaks Kid’s Skippy Low Canvas Sneaker is a truly unique-looking shoe. We throw that word around a lot – unique. But, these really are. The special color combination and pattern of the design is going to get a lot of attention. If your little girl is artistic, creative, or fun, then these are perfect for her. Just listing the color combinations doesn’t really do it justice. You have to see them for yourself. They come in white multicolor, navy, and white.

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Angry Birds Sneakers for Girls Toddler/Youth Sizes

The Angry Birds sneakers are black and pink, and they look really fantastic. They have a polish and shine that you don’t see on too many sneakers out there. If your daughter loves playing Angry Birds on her iPad or iPhone, then these are the perfect shoes to get her. She’ll absolutely love the cute, cartoonish graphics and shiny look. Plus, they light up when you walk. What more could you ask for in a pair of sneakers for an app-playing, fun-loving kid?

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Stride Rite SRT SM Stormy Sneaker (Infant/Toddler)

These double-Velcro shoes come in a showy pink/tangerine color. Let your daughter explore in style with this Stormy sneaker. Easy on/off and a breathable collar mean your daughter is good to go for all-day fun.
For nearly 100 years, Stride Rite has been making and engineering footwear just for children. If you’re really in a bind and can’t make up your mind about what pair of shoes to get for your toddler, Stride Rite is always a good go-to brand. You can trust them. They’ve learned a thing or two since they started out in 1919.

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PUMA Suede 2 Straps Kids Sneaker(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)


This is another pair of amazing sneakers from PUMA. They come in black/white and rosso corsa/black.

This is a brand new design from PUMA. These are highly intricate, well crafted, and expertly engineered. Ferrari branding is included on the design.

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The right shoes can make your little one feel and look great. They’re not that expensive at this age. Get your kid two or three pairs from the list above. He or she probably needs them! Don’t settle for one pair of ratty old shoes you got from a discount store six months ago! Get the absolute best shoes for your toddler, they deserve it.

Invest in a pair of high-quality sneakers by looking at the customer reviews. If you try to save money by going to Walmart or some discount shoe store, you could lose big. Shoes that wear down after a month and look horrible aren’t good for your wallet or your child. Be smart and invest wisely in two or three pair of the highest rated toddler shoes for boys and girls that we’ve listed above.

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